If you haven’t had time to shop for a terrific Father’s Day gift yet, you’re in the right place. Made in South Carolina, these products are perfect for the dad whose ideal afternoon involved cracking open an ice-cold craft beer and grilling in the backyard.


1. The Reaper Sauce:

South Carolina’s own Ed Currie developed the Carolina Reaper®, an unbelievably spicy pepper that gives The Reaper Sauce its signature flavor. Not for the faint of heart, this sauce is a local classic with a worldwide reputation.


2. The Best Dad Ever Spatula:

Let your dad know how amazing he is with the TEC Grills Best Dad Ever Spatula! Grill enthusiasts will appreciate the stainless steel head, perfect for scraping deliciously seared steaks off the grate.


3. Pecan Brown Ale:

Cayce-based Steel Hands Brewing sells their famous Pecan Brown Ale by the six pack! Made with roasted pecans grown in the state, this beer’s taste is quintessentially South Carolina.


4. Home Team BBQ sauce:

These tried and true sauces can bring Home Team BBQ’s quality of flavor to all your homemade baby back ribs, pulled pork, and briskets. You can purchase any of their five sauces at their website, including Hot Red, Sweet Red, Red, Carolina Mustard, and Pepper Vinegar.


5. G Sport™ FR:

Portable and capable, TEC Grill’s G Sport is ideal for tailgating. Whether your dad supports the Tigers or the Gamecocks, he’ll have no trouble bringing this to the stadium parking lot to cheer on the team.


6. Cherrywood Cutting Board:

Charleston Wood Company’s cutting boards are durable and well-made with a customizable engraving. Order a design that fits your dad’s personality and interests, from pop culture memes to a classic Palmetto and crescent moon.


7. 44” Freestanding Sterling Patio FR Grill:

If your dad loves to host friends and family, this TEC Grills freestanding grill is perfect for him. With infrared technology and a wide surface area, this grill can cook 32 hamburgers in under 10 minutes.


8. Durango BBQ Rub:

This seasoning mix from the Charleston Spice Company incorporates smoked paprika, Durango sea salt, mustard seeds, and more to create a delicious rub. There’s endless other spice options from this company, including an Espresso Steak Rub and a Mediterranean Oil Blend.