This year at the HPB Expo, we were excited to introduce the TEC Grill’s Infrared Meatloaf Pan. As yet another innovative addition to our line of accessories, it adds even more functionality to the grill that does everything!

TEC Grills Infrared Meatloaf Pan - BBQ Meatloaf Recipe

The Infrared Meatloaf Pan is designed to be used right on top of your grill grates. It comes with a spatula with a detachable handle, so you can assemble the meatloaf directly on the spatula and easily transfer it to and from the grill. Once on the grill, just pull off the detachable handle, and let the meatloaf pan cook directly on the spatula.

TEC Grills Infrared Meatloaf Pan - With Spatula and Removable Handle

We have two sizes of the Infrared Meatloaf Pan to choose from: the small 6-inch size will hold up to 1 1/2 pounds of meat, while the large 8-inch size will hold up to 3 pounds of meat. Keep one of each on hand, so you are ready to grill for just a few or a large crowd. Or keep a spare pan clean because it’s great for baking breads or other thick doughs!

TEC Grills Infrared Meatloaf Pan - Pressing Meat into the Pan

Constructed of the same high-quality, durable stainless steel as our grills, the Infrared Meatloaf Pan uses infrared heat to keep your food moist and juicy. The bottomless meatloaf pan and the slots in the spatula are designed to ensure that you are cooking with TEC’s patented 100% infrared heat, which results in the juiciest grilled meatloaf you have ever tasted! You will literally see the juices collecting on top of the meat while it grills.

The Infrared Meatloaf Pan is available for the Sterling Patio and Patio FR series of grills.

TEC Grills Infrared Meatloaf Pan - BBQ Meatloaf on the Grill

Tips for cooking on the Infrared Meatloaf Pan

-Preheat the grill on low heat with the lid closed, but without the Infrared Meatloaf Pan and Spatula.

-Cook the meatloaf low and slow by keeping the burner turned down to the Low setting at all times.

-Use meat that has a little bit of fat in it for the most flavor, such as an 80/20 blend.

-Leave a little room at the top of the pan if you would like to baste your meatloaf with a sauce. This keeps the sauce in place, so it won’t spill over.

-The bottom of your meatloaf will get a delicious crust from the grill. If you would like to get that same crust on top, just carefully flip the meatloaf over about halfway through cooking.

-Use your favorite rub or seasoning to add extra flavor to your foods while grilling.

-You can add mouthwatering smoky flavor by adding your favorite chips to the chip corral when using the Infrared Meatloaf Pan on top of the Infrared Smoker/Roaster.

Basic Meatloaf Recipe for the 6-inch Infrared Meatloaf Pan

Everyone has a favorite meatloaf recipe. But the great thing about making meatloaf is that it is adaptable to so many different flavors! Here is our recipe for a basic BBQ sauce based meatloaf that uses free range ground beef. But feel free to experiment with different types of meats, add-ins, and flavors. We encourage you to get creative on the grill!

TEC Grills Infrared Meatloaf Pan - BBQ Meatloaf Ingredients

1 1/2 pounds free-range 80/20 ground beef
1 cup plain breadcrumbs
1/2 large onion, finely diced
2 large cloves of garlic, peeled and minced
2 eggs, beaten
3 tablespoons fresh or dried parsley, minced
1/4 cup BBQ sauce
1 tablespoon salt
1 tablespoon black pepper
BBQ sauce for brushing on top

1. Preheat your TEC Grill on low heat with the lid closed.

2. Place all ingredients in a large mixing bowl. Gently use your hands to combine the ingredients by turning and pressing together, but be careful not to over work the meat too much.

3. Place the TEC Spatula on a cutting board, and place the Infrared Meatloaf Pan on top of the Spatula. Gently press the meat into the pan, making sure to fill the pan. Again, be gentle with the meat.

4. Use the detachable handle to transfer the spatula and the pan to the grill. Place directly on the grates. Remove the detachable handle, and close the grill lid.

5. Grill over low heat until the internal temperature of the meatloaf is 160 degrees, about 1 hour for the small 6-inch pan. Brush the top of the meatloaf with additional BBQ sauce if desired during the last 10 minutes of cooking.

6. Use the detachable handle to remove the spatula and pan from the grill. Set on a heat-safe cutting board, and let the meatloaf rest and the pan cool for about 10 minutes. Carefully lift the hot pan off of the meatloaf, and use another spatula to move the meatloaf onto the cutting board to slice.

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